Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

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mcuisras-aaajJ^aM iLsxsb^ B,.or^hetore.

OLD laAIJ BHU'IAiiX.'ii KXfliED.  (Beported by Or.O.i
Mr.D. and I looked up an old man living near jdr.C's house,who waa re¬
ported to be badly injured because of mistreatment in connection with the
demonstration. We found him to be --------.iiB^ag aged 65.Ho was a Chris¬
tian but had been on the Seminary Hill when the demonstration took place
an lueeday afternoon the 4th.Though old,he had entered into the spirit of
the affair and shouted nansoi.Polioe and soldiers oame his wa-' but he did
80t move.They seized him.boat him and .ciokod him ■until ho fell from exhaust
Ion.Then they led him away to the fire house by the Beat Gate where he was
further mistreated.By this time he could no longer stand on his left leg,
this having Boon terribly wrenched.fie was found to be in such bad condition
that the polioe did not care to have the bother of him ao he was placed in
a rioksha and ser.t home.«!her. they were beating him he oried out ,"v7hy do
you beat me?""WhE.t law permits thisTHere I am"opening hia breast,"iiill me."
He says he is going to believe now.

The medical force at the Mission Hospital report tho following; On
Tuesday several fiendish firemen armed with long fire hooks,wero seen to
enter a Korean house near the Hospital.There they found two school girls
whom they dragged out of the building by thoir hair,boat them and led thom
wnti  away until they oame to a large pole.There they tied tho two g).rls up
by their own hnlr .^nd thon beat thom and loft tho.T' until polioe came to
conduct them to the police station.

It is commonly reported in town today that the military authorities
have denied the privilege of bringing the wounded to the hospital for treat
ment.but have turned those baok who were found to bo entering the city wiUi
their wounded friends.lt is evident that the military are anxious to keep
as muoh of their brutality oonoealed aa possible.


Before the above had. been enforced a group of wounded men was brought
to the iiission Hospital for treatment .We visited and interviewed a number
of these men today.There were II suoh men and one young boy in the hospital
from gun shot wounds.Of these ono had boon shot near the polioe station in
Pyeng iang.the boy at liangsyo.and tho other men at Morupsil.While in the
oity of Pyeng Yang,I saw the soldiers use blank cartridges when shooting at
the people near the Theologioal Seminary Building,In the country it is re¬
ported that no blanks were used,but that when the soldiers and gendarmes
shot they shot to kill.

The II men brought from the oountry were injured by the gendarmes.In
neither of the two places mentioned did the people attack or attempt to do
any violence until the gendarmes deliberately shot into them.At JCangayo a
Memorial Service for the deceased Emperor had been held after whioh the
Independenoe meeting was held.The sendarmea appeared as soon as the shout¬
ing began and began to fire.The boy now in the hospital r;as shot in tho
baok while running away,the bullet having gone through him and come out in
the front.One other man waa killed instantly by a bullet in the head.Three
others were arrested.Ho property was damaged by the crowd, nor was there any
Intention manifested of doing suoh damage.

Morupeil.The worst ehooting affair yet reported thus far took place
here.An immense crowd had gathered here on Monday for the purpose of holding
an Independenoe meeting.The gendarmes appeared,lost their heads oompietely
and without a word began firing into the crowd.There were four gendarmes,
throe of them jCoreans and one a Japanese.Ihe people immediately set upon
them aa4 when they saw what was being done and killed the throe Koreans.
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