Korean independence outbreak beginning March 1st 1919

([S.l. :  s.n.,  1920?])



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t^ou\*i-^'^^orthSr^^i!V:uL't^T '^' '^^'"'^^ °^^"^-^

might be set to their hm,S^« ^fT*u  T^^S^  ^""^ passive even though fire
reSbe assaulted  i? is ™?u^^^f ^f ^"""ft^ ^^  *^«i^ "O""®^ ^"l ci^ild-
pursuing in Koresi a "Pofw^n? . ? ^''°**! ^^® Japanese authorities of
Nve ttfn Lme except?onarcaseror«^o«L*'lJ*?^"y;'' ^'^''tibtedly there

?hem'^raif of'^thf^^llfe vlrdL'?! '°*''^ ''^ ^"""'^ '^  ^ '"^ '° "^^
(Prom Shanghai Gazette, April l.-.th, 1919)


The Eastern News Affenf-o- c Tc.r,=v.=  \ ..^ ,  I'eking, April Sth, 1919
publication tr"miIleat!nfn^ws^??orkrei*fm??^*^'''^ ^^^^ ^°^  giving
and suggests that we mlghf ^tTxl  ourat?e^t1Sn'1o^^X%^i^^bSs^^L^'^;pt.

knowledg^'^L-^'ondUionf ?n'liSr^^r^'^?.' ^"^  ^^^^"^^ possesses some
■ has recently been cai°8L^ tr^?i i h^T^  *^^ Turkish organization that
revolts throughout ?hrSfrard^uccL;S.°''^^"^^^ endeavoured to cause
creating riots in Cairo and o?-^,: °??°'^®'^ S»„="°^*= than one oocasioc in
was the recent outbreak - with ^^r^^'f °^ ^^^'   ^^ oo-operat.on- as
led by German officers                           Bedouins of Western Behera who were

last'efforf; tL'^^hlef 1orn?.^"of"!?'t,'^^hf™'=' ^'^^-^^o^l li'^es with this
Luxor and the Heluan ia?lwav  i i ht  ™'^''"-°*^^- °''^^°' Alexandria,
then alsD used wltrsucce-^a-alr^^ .-^"'''r "'"'' ^^ aeroplanes were
force was needed tr Se^ea-r thf trM ;^ ■.:/e8terii Bedouins, while a large
secured active assiatllcf or l-.m^athv IroS^^fi^-i^'^r" • ^^^^"ovement then
now that the Bedouins between SoUm and l^-^-^.l^'^"''^'''^' *^* "^ ^^^™
British authorities. Vmy/ Loauar ^'^^/'J^'^^^'i^iaa^re assisting the
lesson to Japanese statesmen in ^o^ZI L^S  '"^^ furnish an object
mlniatration means.                         Eorea- they have seen what British Ad-

they were given"^ ]Tt ^It^lVx'll'/Titlll  taf ^L'f t?^ *^^ ^^^^
clamouring for a continuance of that j^le!     ^' ^^ *^®^ ^''^ ^^-^^^^

thelf o^ Scul!^^ idea?ri^rS^?o:f' l^^'^^^'^-^^^i *^^- ^^-S--^-'
or made to feel that their coufrtr-rT; yl^7  have not been heavily tSxed
militarist master, x^e^^^^^i^  S?fc^f i^I^^fa^S^^g^!- ^ '

alief terrnL'y'^atf ?S°':fe^^?Sif^ Slv'us\°f ° territory, which was
if even a single date palm wfreinl^^^F 1^^' compensation being given
always out-of-bounds to the troo^e-'^^^f'^.^^^f ^f'"^ and villages\ere

?h^^^:?ef ^p^-^ -!- aLl^dSuinl^- S^r^?Lrof ^^r^?f^hrS^!nst

.wlth^t?^ i?b^iS??? Sn%K??il ^g^^:S ^r?^f ,3^dS!-^ ^^°^^«

it is'-nov^.%ut\hf s°i?ifof^',^i -'^t that country beea ruled aa well as
ing cotuitry like TurSy is vItaUv^"'int^'r^"'f?i ^'' hard when a neighbour-
revolt that have never^eeV^SL'^ed^^il^rthe' w^r"SS^egan!^"'^ °'
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