Tananbaum, Duane, Drawn to public service

(New York, NY :  Columbia University Libraries,  c2009.)



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The papers of Herbert H. Lehman occupy
a distinguished place among the col¬
lections of the Columbia University Libraries.
Transferred to Columbia in 1966 by Lehman's
widow, Edith Altschul Lehman, they provide
a rich and deep record of the hfe and career of
one of America's most important public figures.
With large and extensive correspondence files,
the collection provides substantial documenta¬
tion of Lehman's multiple engagements with
the city and state of New York, the federal
government, international affairs, and human
rights. The Lehman Papers are part of a larger
group of related primary sources at Columbia,
including the papers of Frank Altschul, Paul
Baerwald, Hugh R.Jackson, Edith Altschul
Lehman, Marshall MacDuffie, James G.
McDonald, Charles Poletti, Richard Scandrett,
and William B. Welsh, among others, as well
as the records of the Overbrook Press and
the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation
Administration (1943-49). All of these materi¬
als are open to researchers regardless of affi.li-
ation. The Columbia Libraries welcome and
encourage research into Lehman's long and
impressive career in public service.

Included within the Lehman Papers is
a group of original political cartoons sent to
Lehman by their creators, including Pulitzer
Prize winners Rollin Kirby and Herb Block
(Herblock). These cartoons were special to
Lehman, and he enjoyed displaying them in
his home. They provide a window—^and a sym¬
pathetic one at that—onto some of the most
important phases of his career. We have long
thought that these cartoons, presently on display
at the Lehman Center for American History,
should be shared with a broader public, and we
are pleased to make them available here.

This book has been long in the making. For
her initial encouragement, support, and patience,
Wendy Lehman Lash deserves our gratitude and
heartiest thanks. The Libraries have benefited
enormously over the years from the guidance,
direction, and support provided by the Lehman
family, and we are better stewards because of
their keen interest and involvement. Prof Duane
Tananbaum of Lehman College (CUNY) took
time out from a busy schedule to do the lion's
share of the work in creating this publication.
He helped select the cartoon, wrote the captions
and provided an excellent biographical sketch of
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