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had that you could only play a certain number of games of backgammon with Ross a week because it was deemed unfair for any one man to take too much of his salary. We chopped him up evenly. Poor guy...but he loved it. But anyway, under those conditions, I agreed reluctantly to come up for the weekend.

I drove up to Stamford on Saturday morning, I remember. It was a very hot Saturday morning.


Was this in the summer?


In the summer. In June, I think.

They were back at the pool. I walked out--Ross and Ginger in their bathing suits and the god damn kid cousin in a little red and white checked bathing suit. She was absolutely the cutest looking kid that I had seen in a long time. I walked right over to her and kissed her. When I was introduced, they said, “This is Phyllis Fraser,” and I went over and kissed her. She smacked me in the face. That's the way we met. I was a fresh guy.

It didn't take too long for our friendship to flower. I didn't stop seeing other girls, but I certainly started taking Phyllis out.


How old was she? You talk about a kid.


She was twenty-one...about twenty-one, just over twenty-one.

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