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Notable New Yorkers

PLEASE NOTE: The audio portions formerly on this site are not currently available. Please contact the Columbia Libraries oral history archives for reading room or digitized audio ordering information. (December 2018)

The Notable New Yorkers Web site offers audio recordings and transcripts of interviews with ten influential New Yorkers, drawn from the collections of the oral history archives of the Columbia University Libraries. These interviews, conducted by the former Oral History Research Office between 1955 and 2001, open an imaginative portal into twentieth-century New York City and the ways in which it has deeply affected the culture and history of the United States and the world beyond. With three background essays and a briefer methodological introduction for each oral history, this site also provides a revealing look at the art of the biographical interview—a methodology developed by the Office over its four and a half decades of existence—in which individuals who have shaped history reflect upon their lives and accomplishments.

Mary Marshall Clark, Director, Oral History Research Office, 2006
Background Essays, by Dr. Ronald J. Grele, Director Emeritus
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Columbia's Oral History Research Office Notable New Yorkers New York and the Nation
with excerpts from Dr. Grele's video interview

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