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A literary type of cocktail party, would you say?


Everything...theatrical...just everybody. She was one of the girls--Kay.

I said to Mary Astor, “You come over to my office and call for me. I'll take you up to this party. As a matter of fact, George Kaufman most certainly will be there so you'll meet us both at the same time. You'll meet a hundred other people you'll like.”

So Mary showed up at the office. She was lovely looking but didn't particularly win my heart. She wasn't my type, but I liked her. We went up to the party--a big crowd there--and I took her up to George Kaufman. I said, “Mr. Kaufman, this is Miss Astor.” Nobody saw either of them for a month after that. They just disappeared together. It was absolute chemistry. When I looked around to find her, she was gone. So was Mr. Kaufman. As I say, it was instant combustion.

George was like that. He had sort of an understanding with Mrs. Kaufman. They went their own ways. They loved each other, but in their own way.

Well, everything was all right. I'd see Mary once in awhile. Then her diaries turned up!.. this foolish woman kept diaries, in which she wrote down the most intimate things--and her husband found the diaries.


Oh, Mary Astor was married.

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