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before. It was not even done in book form. It was just a day-to-day diary.

Then we rushed it out, and of course it was a sensation...Guadalcanal Diary.

Then another wonderful book came along. Bob Considine wrote a book with a pilot who had helped bomb Tokyo, and called it Thirty Seconds over Tokyo. Oh boy, did that one cause a sensation!

Now the interesting part about that book was that we got it before the story had been released that these planes had come from a carrier. Nobody yet knew where these planes had come from that had bombed Tokyo. President Roosevelt did not want this secret divulged. He made a big story about Shangri-la. You may have forgotten this. The fiction that the planes came from Shangri-la, which was taken from a book called Lost Horizons. We were told that we couldn't publish Thirty Seconds over Tokyo until we got clearance from the Air Force.


Who told you this?


The Government.


The Government found out that the book had been written and...


Oh, they knew that the book had been written. It had

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