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remember one that was reprinted in the Reader's Digest. It was a series of typical publicity notes, parodying the authors‘publicity notes sent out by all the publishing houses--including ourselves. That was so easy to do. We got out a phony Publishers‘Weekly once too, kidding all the routine ads and news notes that you will find in every issue of that trade weekly. We had lots of fun with that one. It was given out at one of the book sellers‘conventions...the Publishers‘Weakly, spelled W-e-a-k-l-y.

I can't tell you this too often--that a little humor can make life worth living. That has always been my credo. Somebody once asked me, “What would you like your epitaph to be?" I've always said, “I'd like it to be that he left people a little happier than they were when he came into their room.”

I've got to go now. We'll stop right there.

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