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was out there once, “You know, Gene's son, Eugene, Jr.'s, coming out here with that Minnesota fullback that he married.” (He had married a husky girl, and dear Carlotta called her the “Minnesota fullback.") “They think that they're going to stay here for about three weeks. I'll have them out of here in three days.” She did too! Not that he was very charming but...


What was the Greek drama set?


This was a very important publication for us. It was part of what we called The Lifetime Library. Included are a two-volume St. Augustine, a two-volume Aristotle, a two-volume Greek drama, and a two-volume Roman drama.


Is the two-volume Thomas Aquinas included in that?


Yes, Thomas Aquinas and Havelock Ellis‘Studies in the Psychology of Sex, and Proust's Remembrance of Things Past.

The price of these books has been going up steadily because of the unending increase in costs of manufacturing and distribution.

But the end of this story is that my therapy didn't work. About two weeks after the Greek drama set came out, he killed himself!

But Gene, Jr., did get some kudos out of being co-editor.

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