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everybody in our office fell for it. All but our bookkeeper, that is. Of course, Haas was absolutely exultant because he had put this over on me. We nearly killed Miller when he came back.

He was so delighted with faking us that he went home to fool his two kids. He had two daughters. They're both married now. They were about twelve and thirteen then. He walked into the house and bowed low. They just looked up and said, “Hello, Pop.” They knew him immediately, but he fooled everybody at our office. It was one of our stand-out jokes.

I think that I told you about the controversy I had with Bob Haas, how we used to spend hours kidding each other. We had lots of time in those days.

When we just had the Modern Library and a few new books chosen at random, we used to have bridge and backgammon tournaments at the office. We also spent hours pitching cards into a hat.

One time, when the buyer of Macy's came up to see us and Donald and I were having a big contest pitching cards into a hat, we said that she'd have to wait because we were in conference. She wasn't used to waiting. We knew her awfully well. We were very good friends. She pushed somebody aside who had told her to wait in the waiting room and walked right into our office and found Donald sitting on my desk, jeering, while I was pitching cards. There were cards all over the floor. Well, we heard a few things from the buyer from Macy's.

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