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quite a formal dinner. About six o'clock Danny Kaye called us up. He had just flown into town and he didn't have anything to do that night. I said, “We're going up to a dinner. I'm sure they would love to have you.” He said, “I'd love to come if it's all right.” I called up John Brown and said, “Can we bring Danny Kaye with us?" He was entranced! He said, “My god, that will make the party.”

Well, we took Danny. John was effusive as he always is and it was a very successful party. At that time, Danny Kaye was at the top of his form and he enchanted everybody. He's the greatest mimic in the world. He was imitating Taylor and everybody, and every guest was screaming with laughter. As a matter of fact, he and Phyllis and I were the last three to leave. We were, along with the Browns, hashing over the party. John Brown, who was as I say very effusive and a warm and endearing man, said “Wait 'till my kids find out tomorrow that Danny Kaye was here. They'll kill me for not waking them up, but they're too young. When they hear that you were here, Danny. . . . But what a thrill to have you in my house.” Danny Kaye said, “It's too bad that you didn't feel that way about me when I needed you--when I opened in Lady in the Dark, my first big part on Broadway. You gave me a very bad review.” Brown said, “Ridiculous! From the moment I first saw you I've insisted that you're absolutely great!" Danny Kaye said, “What you said was....” He reeled off a whole paragraph. This was about eleven years later. Brown said, “You've got

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