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it. I would begin introducing her in all kinds of crazy ways. She grew angrier and angrier. One time I deliberately said, instead of Forever Amber, “Forever Under” because the whole book was about a girl who would go to bed with everybody, from the delivery boy to the King of England, I think. That's when I started saying that it was a book with a beautiful girl on the jacket but no jacket on the beautiful girl.

Then in Orlando, Florida--we were talking at the air base there--there were thousands of boys. Here her husband suddenly popped up. He had been an All-American football player at California and now was just back from Okinawa where he had won the Medal of Honor and was sent back home to help recruit because he was a great hero. He had left an unknown little girl behind in college, and when he came back, he found a world famous author, who was making money hand over fist with her book (later it turned out that she had copied whole episodes from Defoe's “Diary of the Plague Years.” By the time that we got to Florida, she was getting angrier and angrier, and one night I did something or other that infuriated her. All I remember is that the audience screamed with laughter. Miss Winsor was very huffy about it.

Our next stop was the big highlight of the tour for money raising. It was Miami. By this time Kathleen was so angry at Carl Van Doren, MacKinlay Kantor and myself that she locked herself up in her room, refused to come out, and said that she wouldn't go to the big rally for which they

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