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Once a week I would interview somebody who had written a book about the War--either a correspondent or a general or somebody who had something else to do with the War. We had on it such people as Quentin Reynolds and John Gunther and a couple of generals and Darryl Zanuck when he came back from his expedition. Each week I interviewed somebody.

This was the first time that I met Nan Taylor, Frank Taylor's wife, who was working on the program. She introduced me to Frank.

One day I got a telephone call from a Mr. Colston Leigh, a lecture agent. He said, “I heard you on a couple of these programs. Did you ever think of lecturing?" I said, “No. I haven't.” He said, “I think you'd be all right at it, and you can make quite a lot of money out of lecturing.” Of course, I was intrigued. The mere thought of talking even for nothing delights me!


Imagine getting paid for it!


That made it all the better! I said, “I'd certainly love to try it.” So under Colston Leigh's management I did a couple of trial runs. I think that the first one was up at some club in Pelham, New York.


This was in the Forties. You started lecturing that early.

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