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and get married and babies come. Bills begin piling up. There are taxes and sicknesses and keeping up with the neighbors. Because of all of these troubles you begin gradually to forget all of the dreams that you started out with. Once a month I suggest that you put out the light and get your head back on your pillow and say to yourself, ‘Hey, what became of those dreams I started out with?‘No matter how far down the ladder you may have sunk, no matter how unlucky you may have been, if once a month you can remember the dreams you started out with, there's still a chance you can make some of those dreams come true.”

This philosophy is such an acceptable one and pleases people so that I have wound up at least 300 speechs with it. It always leaves people happy.


Don't you believe it too?


I believe it with all of my heart.


Exactly. You couldn't say it...


I think it's the greatest advice I've ever heard in my life. I always say, “Will Rogers told me this. It's just as true today as it was when he told me, before anybody in this audience was born.” Usually at colleges it's true. I'm talking to people who weren't born when Will Rogers was killed.

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