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That's a mighty big take, but they do a great deal for you. They have to book you and get the plane tickets and make the hotel reservations. When you go out, you're like a little child. They give you a dossier of every place where you're going, what time your plane leaves and all the necessary tickets and hotel reservations.


Like a travel agent somewhat.



What is essential is, when you go out on a tour like this...I'll go out for a week. I want to do as many as I can that week when I go out. It's up to them to get the bookings and the arrangements so that you can make the jumps. For instance, once this fall in a five-day period, I did eight lectures in eight different cities. Now, you can imagine what arranging that took. Months in advance these things have to be booked--six or seven months in advance-- because most of these forums in colleges and whatnot plan their programs a season ahead and print up literature and sell season tickets based on the attractions they're going to have.

We pay our own expenses, which I insist on doing because I want to live de luxe. When I go on these trips, I don't pike around. I want the best suite in the hotel, and I want to live like a lord. I'm working very hard on these trips.

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