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went out to lunch. I thought that he was going to tell me that his father works on the docks or something. Then I discovered that his father ran Paramount Pictures and was one of the highest salaried men in the entire motion picture business! It was popular in those days for the kids to be a little bit leftist. Now they just don't bathe anymore and don't cut their hair, but then it was very popular to embrace the united front. Bud was full of it, to his father's despair, I discovered later.

Instead of talking about the dock strikes, I found that we largely talked about all of the movie stars whom Bud knew personally. We parted as firm friends. I said, “You're going to write a book some day, and I want it when you do it.” He said, “You'll get it.” He wrote a book; and it was What Makes Sammy Run?, which proved to be the most successful book about Hollywood ever written. Bud and I by this time were very good friends.


What did he do after college?


He worked out in Hollywood for a while.

But then came a slight interruption in our friendship because I fell madly in love with a girl named Sylvia Sidney. Sylvia Sidney was Mr. Schulberg's “very good friend.” Mr. Schulberg threatened to kill me, and Bud and I decided that things were a little bit sticky, so for a brief period Bud and I didn't see much of each other. But as soon as my

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