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Yes, a little bit; but not too much.


He's one of the people I truly loved in my life. I like people, but I seldom give my love very generously because I'm just too self-centered I guess. I know too many people. But there are a few people in this world that I truly love with all of my heart, and Moss Hart was one of that small group. In many ways he was the most remarkable person I ever met in my life.


You had known him at P. S. 10?


No. Moss Hart was very much younger than I am.

He burst upon the scene in New York in the most incredible way. He was born in Brooklyn in absolute poverty. His family was really starvation poor. Then they moved up to the Bronx. His father worked in a cigar factory. He was English. Until the day of his death, he spoke with a slight English accent. The person who got Moss interested in the theater was a maiden aunt who loved the theater passionately. She would take Moss to shows. They would sit up in the galleries in 25$ seats; but every Saturday afternoon, her little nephew and she went to a show. Moss, a little impoverished kid in the Bronx, fell in love with the theater, too.

He managed to get through public school, never went to high school or college, and got a job with some furrier.

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