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what yacht he's going to spend a vacation on or what house he's going to honor with his company and people are overjoyed to have him.


What is the charm though?


It's irresistible. I'll tell you about that as he developed.

Other Voices came out and we used the now-famous photograph of him, reclining with his bangs on a couch. It was great publicity. It's ludicrously simple to get publicity for Truman Capote. To give you an example, about a week before Other Voices was published--mind you, this was his first book--my friend Richard Simon from Simon and Schuster called me up and said, “How the hell do you get a full-page picture of an author in Life Magazine before his first book comes out?" I said, “Do you think that I'm going to tell you? Does Macy's tell Gimbel's?" Dick said, “Come on. How did you wrangle that--to get a full-page picture of an author whose novel is not yet published?”

I said, “Dick, I have no intention of telling you.” He hung up in sort of a huff; and I hung up too and cried, “For god's sake, get me a copy of Life.” This was the first that I knew about the whole affair! That, in a nutshell, explains Truman Capote. He managed to promote for himself a full-page picture in Life Magazine. How he did it, I don't know to this day, but that was Truman.

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