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come home. That girl was Jacqueline Kennedy. It was just about the anniversary of the assassination--two years or three years--I've forgotten which--after the assassination. She was very low. Who did she turn to? Her great friend Truman Capote. As Phyllis said, “That was one place where she knew she was safe alone.” The Secret Service were in a car waiting below. Truman went to the icebox and found two bottles of the best champagne on ice. The two of them together killed these two great big bottles of champagne and sat up practically all night talking. At about five in the morning, Jackie went down to her car and went home with the Secret Service people.

That's the life of Truman Capote. Isn't that fantastic. Think of it. Going home and finding sitting there calmly painting, completely at home, of all people in the world, Jacqueline Kennedy;


Is he working on anything now?


He is indeed. He's writing a novel called Answered Prayers, which is a wonderful title. He's great at titles-- Breakfast at Tiffany's, In Cold Blood. They're perfect titles. But the “answered prayers” comes I think from St. Theresa, who said that the worst kind of prayers are answered prayers. This is really a story of three or four girls who started with very little except magnificent faces and bodies-- very smart girls--who today are reigning society queens,

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