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said, “I always told you about that fellow MacArthur. This will show you what I had to deal with when we were fighting during the Korean War.” It's an interesting sidelight.

I could tell you a hundred similar stories. It was a great show.


Oh, great for you too.


A wonderful experience. I never enjoyed anything more in my life.

I found out by accident that it had been cancelled. This is the way that big shows get cancelled on the air. Phyllis and I were on our way to Barbados last year in February. We arrived at the airport and I was paged at Pan Am, waiting in the lounge to board the plane. On the phone was a fellow from The New York Times and he said, “Have you any statement to make about the cancellation of 'What's My Line?'” I said, “What are you talking about? I haven't heard of any cancellation.” He said, “Oh, you aren't going to be on next year.” I said, “I'll have to check that.” We had about a half hour to spare. We were very early. I said, “I'll call you back.” I immediately called Mark Goodson in his office in New York. I said, “I'm out at the airport here. What's this about 'What's My Line?‘being cancelled at the end of this season?" Mark Goodson said, “I haven't heard a word about it.” I said, “Well, The New York Times tells me that it's been cancelled.” He said,

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