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up for sides...throwing a bat back and forth and hanging onto it to see who got first pick. We used to play on the streets. There wasn't so much traffic in those days. Punch ball... we used a stick from a barrel for the bat and sewer covers for bases. We'd break windows regularly and run like hell. Those were great days as I recall them.

I told you that my father was a semi-pro and almost made the Dodgers.


I love some of the stories that you've told previously about that.

I was wondering if we could talk a bit about Adlai Stevenson. You said that you met him on Long Island.


Yes. I met him on Long Island. He was doing something or other for the U.N. He had owned a newspaper in, I think, Bloomington, Illinois. The Pantagraph, I think that it was called. He was a great friend of Alicia Paterson, whom I told you about. She was Harry Guggenheim's wife.


You haven't told very much. You've told me not when the tape recorder was on about that... We haven't got anything about Stevenson really on the tape recorder. For example, I'd love to have...


All right. As I told you, I guess, Phyllis loved Alicia Paterson as dearly as anybody she ever knew. I think that I

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