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Alicia should have been a boy. That's what Capt. Paterson wanted: a son. He was bitterly disappointed that AliCia turned out to be a girl, but he did all that he could to turn her into a boy. And Alicia was a great newspaper woman... great. What she did with Newsday... well, today it's the greatest suburban newspaper in the United States...maybe one of the best newspapers, period, leaving out suburban. Today it makes The New York Post, for instance, look like the third-rate junk that it is.

Adlai had always been buzzing around, but he had never quite made the grade with Alicia.


Was he there with his wife?


Oh, no. He and his wife were already estranged. She was nutty as a fruit cake.

Adlai would come down for weekends and we'd play tennis. He was an avid tennis player...and, of course, as you probably know, one of the most charming men that ever lived.

We became very good friends.


One thing that I wanted to ask you...did you admire his intellect at this time? Did you see any...?


Absolutely. First of all, he had a wonderful sense of humor. This may have killed him politically. It seems to be considered bad form for somebody to be really funny. You can

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