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In your files I found letters. I mean, President Truman may have been just a casual acquaintance, but there are a few of his letters from the White House.


From Truman?


Well, I think it was that you sent some books to him and he thanked you and that sort of thing, but it was “Dear Bennett.” I was just wondering if it was anything more.


No. The most intimate time that we had together was this breakfast. It was just that he had these few days in New York and he found he could squeeze me in. It was the day after Averell Harriman had given a reception for Khrushchev. Do you remember when Khrushchev came over here? They wouldn't take him to Disneyland and he raised hell over that. Well, he began his tour in New York.

You know, Khrushchev was a great showman. I'm convinced that it was a bad thing for world peace when they kicked Khrushchev out because he was beginning to understand the United States. When he was out in Hollywood and they gave him a big lunch, I said, “If they had played their cards right, Khrushchev would have quit in Russia and become president of Twentieth Century Fox,” because he loved every minute of his brief Hollywood stay.

At any rate, Averell Harriman gave a reception for him here in New York. The idea was to promote good will and try

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