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I'd hate to be put to the test. I'll tell you that. I think that I'm a liberal. I'm a liberal when it's easy for me. I don't know what I'd do in a genuine test.”

He said, “Suppose somebody came along with a book definitely on the right side. Would you publish it?" I said, “If it was good enough, you're damned right I would.” He said, “I'm going to put you to the test sometime.” I came back from lunch, worrying, “What's going to come out of this?" Nothing did for a while.


Then came the F.B.I. Story?


Right! He called me up and dangled the F.B.I. Story under my nose. So one good thing leads to another if you're born under a lucky star!

Oh, that was another thing in my favor when that grocer up in Syracuse complained about me to CBS. It wasn't only Witness. It was also that I had published the F.B.I. Story. That's, I think, what brought the letter of apology. The climax came when he invited me to come up and make a speech for him!

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