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Oh, yes.

About four months later he got mixed up with young Obelinsky and decided that he wanted to start his own business. So he came in very, very sheepishly and told us that he had to leave. We pretended to be very sad to hear that he was leaving but when he went out and closed the door, Donald and I danced around the office, we were so delighted.

Anyway, to go back to this stock thing, the stock began to come back.


Was there any direct result when you published certain books?


Well, we had made some valuable acquisitions and I'll go back to that.

By 1965, the stock, which had been down to nine, began creeping up and up and up and got back to about seventeen, almost double. That looked fine after it had been down to nine, I assure you. It was at that time that our business was expanding to a point where we began to be of interest to big firms, who were beginning to spread their wings. These big computer houses and business machine companies that were going into education with their machines began to see the value of having a publishing company in their fold, and approaches began to be made by huge companies...not little fly-by-night concerns but the biggest in the country. Everybody was listening and we were particularly listening. I was getting older. By 1965 I was sixty-seven. Donald was sixty-three. Our publishing

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