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been with us two years. In one of my speaking tours I spoke at Tulane in New Orleans. There was a reception after my speech. One of the penalties of speaking in the South is that you've got to go to one of these damned receptions afterwards and shake hands with about nine million people. If the word “certainly” was eliminated, I don't know what these little Southern girls would do because they all come up and say “Certainly enjoyed your talk. Certainly was mighty fine.” Almost every one of them uses “certainly.” It's fun counting how many of them use “certainly.” At any rate, while I was talking with these girls and shaking hands, a man came up to me and said, “Hiram Haydn is your editor, isn't he?" I said, “Yes.” He said, “I was with him when he was on the faculty at Western Reserve in Cleveland.” Then he asked, “How long has Haydn been with you?" I said, “About two years.” He said, “He'll be gone within a year.” I said, “What are you talking about? We just signed a new contract with him.” He said, “He'll be gone within a year. Hiram never stays any place more than two-and- a-half to three years.” By the time that I turned around to find out what he meant by this, he had disappeared. I never found out who he was, but when I came home I laughingly told the story to Don. I promptly forgot the prediction, and we signed a new contract with Hiram.


How many years was the contract for?


Another two or three years.

In February I went down to Jamaica with Moss and Kitty

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