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Our only complaint with RCA is these damned forms and regulations and pronunciamentos with which they deluge us: to get a box of paper clips you have to fill out a requisition form in triplicate. Big business!! Everybody grumbles: we're not used to that in our place. But we're also getting more and more forms from the government to worry about. Between filling out tax reports and reports for RCA, we're going to need a special roster of people who will be doing nothing else.

These big companies waste a lot of precious time, it seems to me, with meetings and big conventions. They take their important people away from their jobs. They'll go to Puerto Rico for four days or go to Florida for a week. What do they do? They sit around and have a good time and go to a lot of meetings where half of them fall sound asleep. The waste perpetrated by big business is absolutely shocking....

Enough of all this palaver about big business deals and mergers! Let's conclude this job with a handful of notes I still have on my personal activities!

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