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in Mt. Kisco, which at that time was over forty acres. We've added ten so we have fifty acres there today. Forty of that is just woodland, absolutely undeveloped woodland, which someday I guess my grandchildren will cash in on. All I do is pay taxes on it.

Phyllis came home from her date with Miss Winterling and said, “I saw the most glorious place. We can't afford it.” That Saturday I was playing golf with Quent Reynolds. I said, “Phyllis raved so about an estate in Mt. Kisco. It's not far from where we're playing. I'd like to go to see it. I've never heard her go on so.” Quent and I drove over and as we entered the driveway Quent said, “I'll be here every Decoration Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Christmas.”

It was beautiful! It's only about a block from Sawmill River Parkway and about a minute from Mt. Kisco station. It borders on the Kisco River. The house was perfect for us: compact and easy to manage. There is a tennis court, an olympic swimming pool, two golf holes--all of it there waiting for us! The man who owned it was absolutely insane about it. He used to crawl around on his hands and knees pulling out crab grass.

The reason that he wanted to sell was that he had two daughters who married very different kinds of boys. They fought continuously and were all over him. He finally decided that he couldn't stand it any longer. He particularly resented one of the sons-in-law who was a great athlete.

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