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Phyllis is convinced it's added ten years to my life.


It's so near.



When my partners Donald and Bob Haas came up to look at it, they were quite overwhelmed by the place. They thought that I was out of my head to but it. Donald, who always kids me, made a remark that became the motto of the place. He said, “Obviously you can't afford this place, but with your luck, you son of a bitch, you'll strike oil.” Almost immediately thereafter the “Cerfboard” column in This Week came along, which paid me very well indeed, and then “What's My Line?" added another big sum to my annual income. Although the taxes were enormous, there was still enough to pay for the upkeep of the entire place with these two extra jobs. Donald was right. The Cerf luck carried another day for us!

In the summer we live in Mt. Kisco. We spend July and August there and I commute. In the winter we don't go up very often. We're having a few changes made. It costs about as much now to change two rooms as it did to buy the whole place sixteen years ago. But I expect to spend quite ^ a lot of time, when I get older, up there during the summer months! It's a pleasant prospect.


It's a lovely town and area really.

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