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general, and our Harlem Division in particular by inviting me to lunch. We became good friends thereafter. Pearlman told me, “If we could only drop that whole division of the railroad we would. It's a pain in the neck.”

When I told Mr. Pearlman that I had always dreamed of riding in the cab of the engine of the Twentieth Century Limited, he gave me permission to do so. So one happy evening I went over to Croton where they change from the electric engine to the Diesel.


Harmon, you mean?


Harmon, yes. I rode the engine from Harmon up to Albany. I was allowed to blow the whistle. You pull the rope and blow the whistle. I did this all the way up to Albany. At Albany I got out of the engine and went back to have dinner. I was on my way to Chicago. In the diner I met Raymond Loewy, the designer, and his very beautiful wife, Viola. They were very good friends. I said, “Isn't this a wonderful ride?" Raymond Loewy said, “It's the damn noisiest train that I ever rode on. The damn whistle never stopped blowing.” I said, “That was I.” Loewy didn't forgive me for weeks.


Did you take any of your sons? I was thinking it would be such a great experience for boys.

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