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I have hopes for Public Television, though its gotten off to a pretty rocky start this year and faces even more trouble ahead since the Government is cutting back on expenses. That's the sort of thing that they cut back on so that they can put more billions into the war in Vietnam. All of the things that we need in this country are being neglected for that damnable, unnecessary war. I'm very bitter on the subject. But I think that Public Television eventually may make NBC and CBS and ABC reform. Their news coverage is excellent. They're doing a great job on news, and they're on the ball on sports of course. But when it comes to anything in the field of decent entertainment, these series are an insult to the intelligence. They seem to be aiming principally at pimply faced morons of fourteen and fifteen, but I think that may change because...


Do you think that the sponsors so called, the ones that can put the money in, will be demanding better shows?


No. So far they are the ones that are demanding the poorer shows.

But a lot of things are happening. First of all, those series are falling off. The number of people that are watching them is continually dwindling. If they ever go carefully into it, they will find that the people who are dropping out are the very people with money that they are trying to sell goods to. The people who keep watching are

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