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gave it away only this year! It was a wonderful little car. Furthermore, it enraged Moss Hart because he hadn't gotten in on this particular deal. I told you how close we were, and he couldn't stand my boasting. We drove down to his place in the country in the Rambler just so I could annoy him with it. Two weeks later Moss arrived up at our place in a Rolls Royce. He said that he wasn't going to stand around and let me get a Rambler for nothing. He said he had made a similar deal for the Rolls Royce. It turned out that he had hired this Rolls Royce and chauffeur just to tell me that he had gotten it for nothing!

Another item. I've gotten both the Yale and the Harvard humor awards. This is something that I'm genuinely proud of. These awards are made by the undergraduate body, not by any professional staff. The Yale Record and the Harvard Lampoon.

Also, In September, 1956 we signed Ayn Rand. I haven't told you about Ayn Rand, have I?


No. Good.


This is a rather interesting story. Hiram Haydn negotiated this because Bobbs-Merrill had done The Fountainhead when he was their managing editor.


Did you know that she wanted to leave?

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