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at Work, also named by me. We did everything with it that we had done with the other two, but this time the magic wasn't there. By now World War II books were out of fashion.


I think that there's a market for something like that today.


Well, it was all contrived stuff. A girl movie star who came out to the islands for one of those U.S.O. jaunts and was kidnapped by natives. The Marines rescued her. It was a lot of damned nonsense, but it was very funny I thought. The public obviously didn't agree.


Let's see what else you have to tell about.


I can't remember how thoroughly I covered my years as a director of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. At any rate, the meetings were right here in New York, except once a year we'd have a meeting out at the studio in Hollywood. We'd be flown out in style and have lunch and all the stars would be brought to mingle with us and we'd see all of the new movies and watch them shooting others. We watched them do final scenes for the ill-fated remake of Mutiny on the Bounty.

I'll tell you one story--that won't go in the book. We had one director named Nathan Cummings, who's the director of Consolidated Foods. He had stars in his eyes, and was excited about meeting any of them. One of the big

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