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But again it was about recognizable people: obviously Henry Fonda and his daughter, Jane. I know Hank Fonda, but not too well. The only time that I met Jane Fonda was when she appeared with us on “What's My Line?" But I do know their representative, John Springer, one of the most successful publicity men in the United States. He represents Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton among other famous people. I had John Springer read The Exhibitionist because I wanted him to warn Hank Fonda and Jane Fonda that they must pay no attention to this book. Fonda finally made it his business to be out of the country when the book was published.

Geis now seems to be pursuing this course deliberately. Of several books he's announced, one is obviously based on Hefner of Playboy. Another is very obviously going to be based on Jim Aubrey of CBS. I think that that's the one that Jackie Susann has got in mind. This is the kind of publishing for which, as I say, in the old days the publisher would have been horse whipped. It can't go on. Legally, Geis can get away with this for a while but some way or another a future victim is going to get him! He will deserve it! People say, “Why are you still distributing a few of his books?" We explain that we promised to help him out until he found another distributor. I noticed in his ad last week that a couple of his new books are being distributed by Grove. I presume that these are two of the dirtiest. But that will be the end of Geis so far as Random House is concerned.


Well, maybe we've done Mr. Geis, but what about these

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