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Some can. That's the ironic...


Some just get played out and know when to stop, but the literary world is full of authors who keep on after they have nothing more to say. We had a case the other day--the man who wrote Studs Lonigan--James Farrell. His latest manuscript, submitted to us, was pathetic.

Also in 1951, we published a book by David Dodge called To Catch A Thief, which played a little part in history. It was a very good mystery story, and was made into a great movie. It was shot in Monte Carlo and one of the stars was Grace Kelly. It led to her marriage with Prince Ranier.

We also did in the fall of 1951, The Farmers Hotel by John O'Hara. This leads to a very funny Rodgers-O'Hara story, which I don't think that I told you. Just before the book was announced, O'Hara came to me and said that he thought that he'd like to call it A Small Hotel. That's the name of one of Dick Rodgers‘best songs. He said, “Do you think that Dick will mind?" I said, “Well, of course he won't mind.” Anyway they were great friends from Pal Joey, which they had written together. I said, “Dick's office is just up the avenue. Don't you think that it would be nice if you asked him?" John said, “You're right.” So he went up to see Dick Rodgers, came back about a half hour later black with rage, as only John O'Hara could get in those days. He slammed the book down on my table and said, “I'm calling it The Farmers Hotel instead of A Small Hotel.” I

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