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I only needed a few more points to finish up, so that summer was spent at summer school.

Now, here I was graduated, with two degrees in three years--bachelor of arts and bachelor of literature--and not much general education, but lots of experience from Jester, Spectator, and having gone to business school, which helped, and having worked for a certified accountant and learned a little bit about business.


It was invaluable, really.


Yes, everything worked out beautifully. I've been just lucky all my life.

When you got out of the School of Journalism in those days, you almost automatically could have a job down at the Tribune. It was still the New York Tribune. It was not the Herald-Tribune yet. On the other hand, I had that uncle who played such a big part in my life--Herbert Wise.

Herbert read everything in sight. He also had gotten enamored of the stock market. One of his best friends was a young stock broker named Irving Sartorius. My uncle took to going down to Wall Street, and he was fascinated by the ticker. In those days there were long great big tickers with a glass dome over them, and the board boys had their fraction tabs in a belt around their waist--you know, to slap up the prices on the board. Nothing like today where everything is done electronically. By the time I had graduated, my uncle had made a

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