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in expense slips. The treasurer there was a man named Pell. Pell used to go crazy trying to make ends meet. Liveright never cared. Pell would have to give Liveright false cash statements because as soon as there was any money there, Liveright spent it. So the owner of the business was being given fake statements from the treasurer to keep him throwing his money away. Pell would have to tell him, “We have no cash,” when we had plenty, to keep him from squandering it immediately.

Furthermore, Liveright's father-in-law had loaned him considerable money. He was married to a very lovely girl from Atlanta, Georgia, whose sister was a big musical comedy star named Mary Ellis. She was the star of “Rose Marie.” Her sister was Mrs. Liveright. Their father was quite a rich man but deeply concerned about his loan--and in protecting his daughter from Horace who had a compulsion for making a pass at every girl the first time he met her. He had to test himself. Every girl he met was fair prey. His office was very fancy, and he had a private shower bath, which was considered quite unusual in those days in a business office. He also had what we call today a casting couch. And when a young pretty authoress would come in, Horace would have two things in mind-- not that he particularly cared about sex. He was proving to himself what an irresistible man he was. That was his game. He was John Barrymore. That's why it amused me. You know, he wasn't a sex fiend. He was showing off. And if the girl said “No,” it didn't break his heart. But he had to try; that was the kind of man he was.

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