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Walker said, “For God's sake, there's nothing to this. When do you have to go down to court?”

Well, it was at ten o'clock one morning the next week. As I told you, Liveright had to have an audience with him, and it was very often I because I was his Boswell. So he took me down to court with him. And the three of us went--Jimmy Walker, Horace Liveright and I. The judge came ponderously into the room and paid no attention to us for about ten minutes. That's a famous trick of judges. They sit there writing and pay no attention to the people quivering with terror in front of them.

His Honor finally looked up, his face black with anger, and called the case. I sat watching, while Horace Liveright and Jimmy Walker walked up in front of him. The judge looked over the bench and said, “Which one is Liveright?”

Horace turned pale, but Jimmy Walker said, “Come on, judge, cut the comedy. How much is the bail?”

The judge suddenly recognized him. Whether he had before or not, I don't know, but he pretended not to. He looked over and very angrily set the bail at $25 and we walked out of court. He was terrified of Walker. Walker already had this great political power, you know. A very little time after that he was elected mayor of New York.

I'm going to jump ahead a little bit to my next adventure with Jimmy Walker. About a year after we had the Modern Library, we got a great idea one night on how to get people to read the titles of the Modern Library. There were about 125 then. It was a good thing to get people to go down that list. It suddenly

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