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his acting career. To show his gratitude for saving the boy's life, the storekeeper sued him for the damage that had been done by the exploding grenade! Isn't that shocking? Of course, even though it was Germany, the case was thrown out and the judge laid out the fellow who had owned the store. But it was a sad ending to the week-end. Later on Eddie became so adept with that one hand that he could play tennis--he managed to throw the ball up with that one hand--and drove a car. He became a very well-known producer in Hollywood at MGM.

But that was a great day in Horace Liveright's life when he got Eddie Knopf to work for him.


Are there any other stories--anything else that you think might reveal the times at all?


Another funny thing. Ours was a private house, you know, and the ground floor had a back extension very much like this house of mine we're in. When we first moved in here this dining room was a laundry. The rooms have all been changed. Well, we had one of those extensions down at 48th Street. Of course, there was a roof to it. You could walk out from the second floor rear through big casement windows and onto this roof. One of Horace's great ideas was to turn it into sort of a roof garden and put some plants out and a lot of summer furniture, and he personally went up to Bloomingdale's to buy this furniture. We got a whole set of those rattan couches and chairs. It looked very nice. Then, of course, Liveright had

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