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dazzling little Southern girl, whose name was Miriam Hopkins. I took one look at her and my heart went pitter patter. This was on a Friday. On the way out--I was going up to the Yale- Princeton football game the next day--I invited Miriam to come up to the game with me. She accepted. She had never been to a football game before, but before the first quarter was seven minutes over, there were ten people explaining football to Miriam--five guys in front of us and five guys behind us. She was the center of attention, not because anybody knew who she was, but because she was so attractive. Of course she became a very big movie star. But that's where I first met Miriam.

Now, at this time I began getting restless. I had been at B and L two years, and Dick Simon had made a big success on their own. Simon and Schuster brought out The Story of Philosophy by Durant, and the immensely popular crossword puzzle books, and they were on their way! And here I was working for Horace Liveright and feeling it was high time I got going for myself. My eye was on that Modern Library because I loved it. I'd always taken an interest in it, and it was a step-child of Liveright.

Well, I had never been to Europe. In about April, 1925, I decided I was going to make my first trip abroad. And with Liveright's permission I booked passage on the Aquitania and persuaded Dick Simon to take his vacation at the same time. He took the Aquitania, too.


Did Liveright pay for this trip?

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