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The minute Anita saw the Kahn suite she said, “We've got to have a party right away.”

Before she started unpacking, they had started calling all their friends in England to invite them to a great party that very night. I didn't know who their friends were, but my God, they knew everybody in London.

Dick and I went off to have supper together at Simpson's and then we walked on Picadilly and the Strand and nearly got run over about 18 times because we were looking the wrong way. I hadn't slept the whole night before, so I was very tired. I came back to our suite to go to bed, and it was bedlam. There were at least a hundred people there in Mr. Kahn's suite, most of them in white tie and tails. There were a lot of names that it seemed to me I had heard of. I was impressed but exhausted, and I went to bed. The next thing I knew I was being shaken by a blonde saying, “What the hell are you doing in bed? You get up and join the party.” I threw her out in a rage.

Come morning, I went in to see John and Anita who were having breakfast in bed. And Anita Loos said, “You're a pretty choosy young man. Wait till people hear you threw Tallulah Bankhead out of your bedroom.”

Crestfallen, I mumbled, “My God, is that who it was?” Tallulah Bankhead at that time was London's reigning young beauty, starring in a Noel Coward play. So that afternoon I went to the matinee of her play and went backstage to apologize for throwing her out of the room. She didn't remember a thing about it.

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