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Well! Then she said, “I'm with old Halliday. Who are you with?”

By this time I was ready to throw my old date out of the window. I pointed to her, and she said, “Are you game?”

I said, “Game for what?”

She said, “To go off. Leave the party.”

I said, “You mean you and me?”

She said, “Yes, don't you want to?”

Well, always the perfect gentleman, I left word for Halliday to take care of my girl and we were on our way. That's how I met Sylvia.


And you married her.


Well, there were a lot of things in between. That was New Year's Eve. We knew each other quite well until the following October. There were all kinds of things that happened, but they're very personal. I was mad for her. She's a wonderful girl. As she later said: “You know, you were never really in love with me. You were in love with a dream,” which was true. And she said, “For about six months I was so crazy about you that I lived up to your dream, then I got damn tired of it.” It was true. She said, “You never really liked me. It was the dream you loved.” This was very shrewd of her, because I was in love with a dream.


What did your father think of her?

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