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and his wife would love a week-end in Le Touquet. You take them as chaperons and I promise you won't see them from the minute you get to Le Touquet until the minute you come back, but that will make it all proper.”

So everybody was delighted, and the four of us went to Le Touquet together--Joyce's son and his wife, who was an American girl. We liked young Joyce and his wife, so we actually spent much of the days together. We were on the beach one day, and Joyce made a movie of me sitting with my girl and his wife, who was very pretty, too. Eventually, this girl married somebody else, but I kept track of her for quite a long time. She was a honey! Then about three years ago, CBS did a television show with Janet Flanner called “Paris in the '20s,” which had in it pictures of Fitzgerald, Joyce, Hemingway--all pictures that were taken in the '20s. It made a fascinating television show. And somebody called me up from CBS and said, “You better watch that show on Sunday afternoon because you're in it.”

I said, “What are you talking about?”

He said, “You are in it--I promise you.”

We have a little machine up at Mt. Kisco, and we went down to our basement and watched that show on television. Sure enough, suddenly there was a short sequence of me sitting on a beach with two girls.


What did your wife think?


Well, it all dated back a great many years! I didn't

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