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And she said, “I should say not. I know how you look. I've seen you on television, but you don't know how I look, and that's the way it's going to stay.” She said, “You remember me the way I looked in those days.”

I wheedled and cajoled but it was no soap. She said, “Absolutely no. You just remember me the way I looked then. I wish I looked that way now.”


Isn't that funny? You never know what's going to happen in life, really. And now that we're talking about Paris, how about talking about your adventures with Gertrude Stein?


When I first met Gertrude Stein she had already published her “Alice B. Toklas.” Harcourt published it. We had done a couple of limited editions for her, however. And Carl Van Vechten, who was a friend of mine, had suggested that maybe we would like to publish her; that she had written a lot of things before Toklas, which was a pretty big best seller. It was a curiosity best seller. We corresponded, and she gave us a couple of things to publish, none of which made much sense to me, but we published them in small editions. She came over to America early in 1935.


Do you remember meeting her for the first time?


I'm trying to remember whether I met her in Paris before she came over here or not. I can't remember. But I do remember

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