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So, of course, this being the night before we left, Harold couldn't pay us. But he owed us each $1600.

We sailed the next day for our four-month trip. We went to Paris first. On the boat I remember we bought numbers the first night for the ship pool. The second night we didn't bother to protect them. The smoking room steward the next morning woke us up and said, “You gentlemen weren't there last night, but I took the liberty of protecting your numbers.” We were about to tell him he had no right to do this when he said, “You won.” So we forgave him.

Well, we went to Paris and then flew down to Italy, and then we flew from Italy to Cairo and up and down the Nile. Then we took a train, which unfortunately no longer runs. It left Cairo in the evening and got to Jerusalem in the morning. It crossed the Suez Canal. Then we had about a week in Palestine, which at that time was an English protectorate, of course, and a Scots highlander regiment was there taking care of the city. Jerusalem was an amalgam of bearded old Jews, Arabs with camels and Scots highlanders in kilts. What a combination!

The funniest thing that happened there, I think: we went to the King David Hotel, which had recently been finished. It was bombed during the war for Israeli independence. We decided since we were headed for Russia, and heaven knew what was going to happen to us there--we were going to be there for over four weeks--we would live it up in Jerusalem. We were only going to be there three nights. There was a Swiss gentleman running the hotel in those days. Usually the European

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