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the toilet?" And they'd answer me in Russian, and I'd have to start all over again. But we did learn a smattering of Russian. And, of course, Mina was invaluable. What a wonderful thing to see Russia with a Russian girl! I wonder what would have ever happened if I'd brought her back to America. Heaven only knows.

The final part of this trip I must tell you. I didn't realize how Russia had worn me down. I seemed to be very happy there until I flew out to Helsingfors. Getzloe was gone and Harold stayed with his wife in Leningrad recovering from his chicken pox. So I flew alone to Helsingfors. The sight of stores with things in them again, and the restaurants with waiters with clean aprons and clean shirts and tablecloths! I didn't realize what a capitalist I was. I had become reasonably accustomed to the Russian ways, but when I saw the luxuries I'd been missing, my heart leapt. And then I flew from Helsingfors to Stockholm--a very short jump. And when I landed there, my pop was waiting at the airport. He surprised me by coming over. I didn't expect to see him. I haven't told you much about my father.


A little bit at the very beginning, but not too much, and I noticed in one of the scrapbooks the obituary of your father and that he had been quite active in Random House. I hadn't realized that.


What happened was that he had retired more or less.

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