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I Saw Paris, which came out after the outbreak of World War Two, of course. It was a very sad, nostalgic book. It gave Rodgera and Hammerstein the name for one of their loveliest, most poignant songs, “The Last Time I Saw Paris.”

Well, Elliot was wonderful for parties because he played the piano. He played boogie woogie. He also was a superb cook. He could make Spanish dishes, having lived in the island of Majorca himself. I had him at the house for a party one night, at which he insisted on having a piano brought into the house and we had it hoisted up the outside. It couldn't be gotten in through the door. The trouble I went through to please Elliot Paul! But it was worth it because it was a hilarious party. He put on a white hat of a chef, and he served a Spanish melange which was really great.

About this time came the Helen Thompson episode. I don't think I've told you about Helen Thompson, have I?


No. Could I ask you a few questions about Elliot Paul?


Yes, you can.


Were you able to get Elliot Paul as a result of Liveright's dissolving or...?


Yes. He came to me. Liveright was already out of existence. He hadn't written anything. He had been away in Majorca for awhile. When he came back, I was the only publisher

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