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How did you get involved with her?


Jo Davidson heard that she was in Perpignan and wanted to go back. Now, everybody wanted to bring back a lot of stuff, too, for the soldiers.


Medical equipment, you mean?


Mostly cigarettes, food, chocolate, candy, you know-- all the goodies.

So we hired a car and we packed it with stuff. We spent everything we could. Everybody gave us money. We put about two thousand dollars worth of “luxuries” in that car. It looked like a truck when we were finished.

The French people didn't care about our going out, but we would have had a lot of trouble going in except for La Passionaria, when she explained that this was for the boys... well, we were then heroes, too. On our way to Barcelona, we saw planes disappearing in the distance and we got to a town which had just been bombed. They were carrying out the dead and wounded when we got there. There was dust from the buildings that had been torn down. Suddenly I realized that I was in really dangerous territory. I got to Barcelona and the two people there that I knew were Andre Malraux, who was a Random House author, and Herb Matthews of the New York Times, who later on got into a lot of trouble because of Castro's Cuba. But he had lived in the same house that I had as a boy, up in

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