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Moe FonerMoe Foner
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Session #13
Interviewee: Moe Foner
Interviewer: Robert Master
Place: New York, New York
Date: November 26, 1985


This is interview number thirteen, November 26, 1985. Moe Foner's oral history.


I wanted to make one correction that, I think the last time, when I referred to the sessions at Holiday Hills I referred to the fact that Elliott Godoff was present. He was not. They took place after his death.


Okay. The record will reflect that.

We're going to talk today about the Bread and Roses program. So I think you should begin by discussing how the idea of Bread and Roses originated.


The issue came up originally -- I'll background it a little bit. In the winter of 1977, I was invited to attend a meeting of the ILGWU that was discussing a exhibition of photographs by Louis Hine that had been curated by Walter Rosenblum for the New York State Council on the Humanities. The council executive director Carol Groneman called the meeting and invited a few people from the labor movement to discuss what was possible in terms of getting the word out. This was going to open at the Brooklyn Museum. We discussed it and Carol,

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