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in a textile factory. He says, “Okay. We'll get a grant. We'll come up with a cost, and we'll add some money to it.” Because everything I do now is not in the grant. I have to add to it. Okay.

At the same time, what is happening? A book is coming out -- “Rise, Gonna Rise.” So we worked out that, and so -- I knew about that before, and then we worked out the program, that Friday night program, with Earl and Maureen, who was in that town, who happens to be a major person in Mimi's book.


And in the textile union movement.


Right. So Maureen is there. So we have that evening, where we sell books, and we're selling Earl's poster.


You charge two dollars.


Right. I remember someone from WBAI came. What's her name? Margot Adler. She's now with National Public Radio. She does a morning show on WBAI -- she did a report -- and is doing a show, and they're taping it, and videotaping it. Then, another film is coming out. What's the film? Norma Rae. Okay. That's an interesting film. I know Marty Ritt. Marty Ritt and his wife come in. They're trying to promote Norma Rae. I get a call from Faith Hubley. Faith says, “Marty's wife, Adele, is here, and she wants to talk to you. Can you give her a minute?” I say, “Sure.” So she gets on and she says, “Moe, we have this film.” She says, “It's a wonderful film, but the producers don't know what to do with it. They're not sure how it's going to go, what kind of audience it's going to pull. Would you come and see it?” I said, “Sure.” So I go to a screening. I see it. I say, “What a wonderful film! You've got to extend the previews.” I start calling Maureen, and everybody, the union people. “You've got to come see this film.” [Tape becomes indecipherable]


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